Running Drills

These drills break down the running action into 5 parts. Each develops part of the running action. Over time they will produce a smooth efficient running action and extend stride length.

These drills should be done at least once a week. They should be done on a soft/smooth surface. Do 3 of each over 20-60m. Do over a distance that you can keep good form and do not tire. Walk back after each drill to ensure you are fully recovered before the next.

They are done in an order working from the back to the front of the running action.

1. Skipping

2. Heel Flicks (Bring foot up under backside not behind)

3. Knee Lifts

4. Flick Outs (Knee lift followed by flicking foot forward)

5. Can-can (Slight bent knee, throw leg forward, heel to heel, movement from hip joint)